10 Great Ways to Build Great Big Mobile Landing Pages

hey wow! you have set up a PPC campaign on mobile, But are these searches converting? Columnist Sachin gave some out of his mind to get the most out of your mobile landing pages: Take advantage of these mobile landing pages and be happy

10 Great Ways to Build Great Big Mobile Landing Pages
10 Great Ways to Build Great Big Mobile Landing Pages

Nowadays we are hearing all this everywhere Mobile, mobile, mobile!

Even today more and more marketers are not taking good steps for mobile landing page users. In these articles, I discuss a lot of factors that can really sneak into your mobile pages. Note that these tips should be used “regularly”(non-PPC) Can also be done on mobile landing pages.

1. Be brief about mobile landing pages

These words written by me are long but better than paragraphs. I have not copyrighted any content, all content is original. I end up with 70% fewer words on May Contour than all the words I started.

Make it a point to remove words that don’t add meaning to marketing messages you don’t want them to do.

It’s easier to say things more concisely, such as “over 60 friendly features! check them out!” in addition to telling your company about 60 features.

Note: The English language is very poor and full of useless words. Such as “what”, “when”, “where” and many more. they can also be described well.

2. Never use intensifiers and superlatives

I want to share this point with all of you because this is the most common mistake I see on websites and mobile copies. For some reason, everyone thinks that words like “best”, “better”, and “total” make good marketing copy. Here are some examples:

“Innovative company in every way”

“Best product in the mass market”

3. Use bullet points on mobile landing pages

I generally like to use bullet points on mobile devices and mobile landing pages. Because it is better to understand by using bullet points. 

People like the structure of bullet points and leave more white space. Less text and more white space are also important. It does not harass people and advises them to buy the products. There are usually 2 to 3 bullet points on each page that wins for me.

This time it’s personal for everyone:

  • The Enterprise Guide to Personalization at Scale
  • When the third party terminates
  • RFP sample for Customer Data Gateway
  • Marketers’ Guide to AI Technology and Consumer Research
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your SEO Budget

4. Legibility is the key to mobile pages

Keep in mind that the font size of mobile pages and buttons should be kept so that users can easily understand. Users should not face any problems and users can easily visit.

For ease of use, clickable information should be linked to primary conversation events. For that, we have to give one click and then call a phone number where people can easily buy something from their phone. The same principle clearly applies to buttons that allow you to make purchases.

You can get away with it if you are a company that has a million customers and billions of rupees. It would be appropriate for you to send an email regarding this. Even better you can take a backup so that you can satisfy with other words and customers price So you deserve to explore these ways

5. There is a simple form for mobile (if applicable).

Four to five fields and calls to action should not be included in the mobile form. If necessary, please include other information at the bottom of the pages. Please pay attention to the examples given below and you will understand:

6. Fast Loading Mobile Landing Pages

Without paying attention to these things, proceed further that the mobile landing pages should be opened within 3 to 4 seconds. The sooner it opens, the better. 

People are using their mobiles to do a lot of work and multitask. For example, let me tell you that nowadays, everyone is using mobile phones along with doing other work. 

That’s why pages are uploaded for a long time, so people close them and go to other pages.

So you increase the speed of your pages and people will get more traffic to your pages.

7. One Solid Call-To-Action

Do not divert the attention of the users by applying more than one call and do not confuse them.

If you have more than one call-to-action, place them on top of the primary pages and another on the secondary pages so that users can reach them easily

If you do not know, it is a slightly different story with B2-B businesses. No points should appear on the pages other than the main call to action. Users feel comfortable providing more than one call to action. (Do not suggest additional products like B2C Company)

Incorporating benefits in buttons is also a good thing and a win. In the example, the call to action button (Go to meeting) is written. Use this for free for 2 months. In the example below, MailChimp has to show only 1 call on the action page 2 times and they use “free” on their buttons.

He may very well have a phone number on your call to action and this is a great idea. Phone online calls convert much better than action. This is a great suggestion if your business can grow in some way. It’s a great test for all of you to have phone numbers on your mobile pages.

I request everyone to give your suggestions for the success of mobile landing pages.

All the information given in these articles has been given by the author Sagar Sharma. And it is not necessary that the search engine is not landing on this page. That’s why we are listing the author here.