4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties

What is the most popular piece of content at the moment? Podcasts.

4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties
4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties

There are currently over two million podcasts and over 48 million episodes available for your listening pleasure. Given that there were only 500,000 podcasts in 2018, this is tremendous growth.

That’s not all, though.

Podcasts have a lot of brand awareness and purchasing power. 54% of podcast audiences are more likely to make a purchase, after hearing an ad on a podcast.

With so many listeners (and their money) on the line, it’s no surprise that Google has jumped into the conversation. The Google Podcasts Manager platform was recently introduced by the search engine behemoth.

If you’re a publisher beyond any doubt you should take a look.

What Is a Google Podcasts Manager, and How Does It Work?

A free Google app for keeping track of your podcasts is a Google Podcasts Manager. A Google account and a podcast feed are needed to register into it.

you can access a publisher dashboard after completing your profile. 

Google has introduced a Podcasts Manager forum for publishers in addition to the dashboard. You may network with other contributors here and learn how to optimize your podcast for Google.

What It Isn’t: Google Podcasts Manager

Google Podcasts Manager is not a podcast host, thus you won’t be able to record or publish your podcast through it. The Manager, on the other hand, is responsible for overseeing the success of your current show.

Yes, most hosts keep an eye on your statistics as well. Google Podcasts Manager, on the other hand, provides a different, possibly more in-depth perspective.

Many hosts let you upload your podcast directly to Google Podcasts, so it should still show up in Google searches. The Google Podcast Manager, on the other hand, ensures that this occurs and provides information that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The most important features of the Google Podcasts Manager that you should know about to change your mind are:-


The Range of Potential

The possibility for increased reach and discoverability is one of the most compelling reasons to use Google Podcasts Manager. With Google as the world’s most popular search engine, there’s a strong possibility your perfect listener is just a search word away from discovering your podcast.

4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties
4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties

While submitting to Google through your host should already make you visible in Google search results, using Google Podcasts Manager provides additional information that may help you expand your reach on the search engine. The Manager can also tell you how people discover your podcast.

Analytical Information

To the success of every company, Analytics is critical regardless of its size. By examining your data a good notion of what works; you can obtain.

What proportion of your broadcast is listened to by your audience?

Total listens: How many people have listened to each show and segment?

While the majority of podcast hosts provide statistics on downloads and retention, you may not be able to obtain more granular information. For example, “retention” frequently refers to the number of individuals who download your podcast each week; the statistics do not imply that they listened.

How much of your show was actually listened to?

Put it out of your mind! That’s an uncommon perception.

Even if you don’t spend a lot of money, doing everything yourself wastes a lot of time. Except for a few hosts, nothing is free, and their free tiers frequently don’t provide a lot of data. Consider the following options for a personal podcast (professional podcasts are far more expensive):

$2,000 for the equipment (for high-quality equipment)

Between software and time, production and editing can cost up to $799.

Free to over $100 in hosting; free usually gives little useful details.

marketing: varies, but can be very costly

third-party assistance: This varies; it could involve things like additional analytics sites, outsourced aid, and more.

Even if you do everything yourself, you could wind up spending thousands of dollars!

4 Features of the Google Podcasts Manager

Let’s take a look at the capabilities of Google Podcasts Manager and why they’re so beneficial to publishers.

1. Insights from the audience

Are you having trouble getting people to listen to your podcast? Interested in recreating your one-hit-episode-wonder? All of the juicy data can be found in the audience insights feature.

With a quick scan, you can observe which episode drew someone from search and when they left.

That’s not all, though.

You can also see what keywords people used to find your podcast.

Talk about a tremendous combination.

4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties
4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties

Podcast SEO is more vital than ever, and Google’s introduction of this tool emphasizes the importance of having control over the terms your content ranks for on Google.

Returning to the analytics dashboard, you can switch between page views to access metrics on a show or episode level, including device breakdowns, play counts, segment retention, and more.

Here’s a quick rundown of Google Podcasts Manager’s many page levels:

show-level page: a landing page providing analytics at the show level.

Show-level charts: graphs that show how many times a user listens for at least five seconds each day, as well as the total number of listens each day.

The total number of relevant plays each episode, the total number of plays within the first 30 days, the average percentage of episodes listened to, and the average length of episodes streamed or downloaded are all listed in the episode’s table.

2. Update the information on the podcast

You may need to upgrade your podcast in the future, whether you’re a brand running a podcast or a solo artist.

While your podcast host may be able to update this automatically, it isn’t always the case, and some podcast programs and managers require you to jump through a million hoops in order to change your information. It is a simple process with Google Podcasts Manager.

4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties
4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties

If you switch hosts, as this podcaster did from Anchor to Podbean, you may need to alter your RSS feed.

3. Ensure that your podcast is indexed by Google.

What does it mean to be “indexed”?

It’s when Google’s crawlers have found your podcast program and episodes, analyzed the data, and saved it. 

This is made a lot easier with Google Podcasts Manager.

To see if your podcast is indexed, go to Google Podcasts and type in your show’s name.

4. Use Google Podcasts Manager to keep track of your feeds.

There isn’t a single RSS feed for every podcast.

You might have feeds for personal growth, true crime, or veganism, for example.

You might have two folders, one having all of your episodes and the other containing only the most recent ones.

You want Google Podcasts Manager to choose the best RSS feed to serve if you have multiple RSS feeds. You may tell Google which feed is the most reflective of your program by utilizing the podcasting tool.

Google Podcasts Manager alternatives

Do you want to experiment with some more options? Here are some of the top Google Podcasts Manager options.


Podtrac is a company that provides both analytics and advertising services. A wide range of analytics is available for free. Despite the fact that their services appear to be quite comprehensive, they only function with a small number of podcast hosting services. The analytics services provided by Podtrac are completely free.

4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties
4 Google Podcast Management beneficial properties


Backtracks are similar to Google Podcasts Manager in terms of capabilities, however, it costs $39 per month.

Your Podcast Host Analytics is usually always included with podcast hosts, where you upload and distribute your podcast. The cost and type of analytics you receive are determined by your specific host and their price levels.

Captivate, Buzzsprout and Podbean are a handful of the most popular podcast hosts.

Creating a Google Podcasts Manager Account

Are you ready to create a Google Podcasts Manager account? In a few minutes, you’ll have your show connected if you follow these procedures.

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