4 Sites for Examining Competitors’ Backlinks

4 Sites for Examining Competitors' Backlinks
4 Sites for Examining Competitors’ Backlinks

What comes to mind when you consider creating the “greatest” link profile?

On this topic, there is a tonne of material available, including things you can do right away to enhance your link profile and raise your rankings.

Examine your link profile as one further thing you should perform. If your website is new, this might not be a big issue. 

In comparison, you are much more likely to have links pointing at your website if it has been up for a few months or longer. Some might help, while others might hurt, while still others might not make a difference at all.

Knowing your web presence is essential because it can show you whether or not you’re on the right track. There would only be reliable links leading to your website in an ideal world. However, this could not be the case in the real world.

Do you require help performing a backlink check and interpreting the findings?

A potent backlink analysis tool used in digital marketing

1. Uber Suggest

Among the most key facets in ranking on page one of outcomes from search engines is your reference profile. As a result, it’s imperative to always maintain your profile.

The best tool in the course on digital advertising for tracking your backlink profile is Ubersuggest. It moves swiftly and precisely.

The overview’s top section also contains: The top part also contains: In addition to your website score, which ranks the strength of the website from 1 to 100,

The overall number of referring domains, the overall amount of no-follow links, the number of total of.gov and.edu names pointing to your website, and the total number of links linking back to it. An “incoming links over time” growth chart that displays the rate at which your connection count is increasing

In general, you want the ratio of new connections to lost connections to be higher. This ensures that the business expands in a positive manner.

The most complete online marketing tool for examining links pointing to your website is Ubersuggest. After reading the results page from top to bottom, you’ll have a decent concept of your backlink profile.

2. Buzz Sumo

When you require help with link building, you can employ a thorough link quality study. You may choose which connections will have the most influence on your results on search engines by comparing them to links that meet more than 60 quality requirements. To view the articles that have gotten the most traffic for a term or domain, enter the term or domain name. You may view the connections for a specific piece of content by clicking the connection icon adjacent to any of the results.

To see only the hyperlinks leading to a specific piece of content, enter its URL. This could be a great way to learn which websites link to the most popular content of your competitors.

You may find websites that connect to a particular URL or domain by using their straightforward Backlinks tool in the digital marketing company in India


You can compare your site’s link profile to those of up to four competitors using Link Explorer in Moz Pro.

Additionally, it has a helpful function called Connect Intersect that enables you to check out which websites link to your competitors but not to you. These are great websites to focus on when building links.

Moz gives you the same ability to see how many backlinks you’ve lost as the other tools we’ve covered. You now have the chance to change those links as a result.

They include things like campaigns for monitoring and analyzing your website, Rank Checker for assessing how well you’re doing on search engines, and more.

4. Ahrefs

The most widely utilized backlink and keyword tracking tool in digital marketing courses is Ahrefs. Additionally, you could learn more about what your rivals are doing.

You never have to be concerned about the information’s reliability or if you’ll receive the most up-to-date backlink information with Ahrefs.

You can check each individual backlink to ensure that the quality is acceptable in addition to the total number.


The process of SEO is simpler than it first appears. Although there isn’t a magical formula for success, there are measures you can do to increase your chances, such as maintaining a strong link profile. Today’s online world makes it unnecessary for you to hunt for the most effective advertising methods for your business. Instead, utilize the advantages offered by these link-checking tools, and you’ll get closer to accomplishing your goals.