Getting Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022 Report

As marketers, we’re always keeping a watch on Google’s ever-changing algorithm, looking for changes in prioritizing and SERPs.

Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022
Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022

Google does a superb job of giving information about what it thinks is relevant to consumers (and businesses) through tools like their search engine optimization (SEO) tips and the yearly Search Trends report.

The Google Search Trends report may be a fantastic resource for digging into people’s search behavior and generating content ideas on a regular basis.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Google Search Trends report to fill in the gaps in your content calendar for 2022 and beyond.

What Is the Google Search Trends Report, and What Does It Mean?

The Google Search Trends report, which is released every year, compiles the year’s top-ranking phrases.

The mini-site allows curious readers—or those of us seeking content ideas—to look at search traffic via a variety of lenses.

You may sort by area and then by topic, which includes actors, TV shows, sports teams, music, and many other categories.

While this report may evoke year-end nostalgia, it also provides a unique perspective on the search phrases that garnered the most volume and traction in the previous year.

That information can be priceless to marketers.

Top Search Ideas for 2022 from the Quick Google Trends Report

Regardless of the place you’re investigating, this year’s report has a unifying theme: perseverance.

This theme resurfaced in more specific searches, such as “how to start a business in 2022” and “how to find a job in 2022,” which were both popular.

Another salve amid a tumultuous year was entertainment. We turned to Google for entertainment and information, searching for terms like “Squid Game” and “Amanda Gorman.”

Here are a few more Google Search Trends that drew a lot of attention this year all throughout the world:

  • India vs. Australia
  • England vs. India
  • NBA Euro 2022 Copa América IPL
  • In the United States, the following topics piqued users’ interest:
  • NBA\sDMX
  • Petito, Gabby
  • Kyle Rittenhouse is a writer.
  • Laundrie, Brian
  • Stock Stimulus by AMC Check
  • Squid Game for the Georgian Senate Election

While these searches might be entertaining, they can also help you plan your content strategy by guiding you toward stuff that consumers are likely to find interesting.

How to Generate Content Ideas Using the Search Trends Report

I’m well aware of the aggravation that comes with this.

You may utilize Google Search Trends to find out what topics consumers are interested in, which will help you increase interaction while also creating relationships and goodwill.

I’ll go over the five greatest techniques for using the search trends report’s information to develop content ideas in the sections below.

1. Find a unique angle to cover the topic by using popular search terms.

While a blog post regarding the cottage care aesthetic’s long-term viability may be popular, it may not be relevant to your brand. However, “sage green,” a topic that could be relevant to a variety of sectors, is also at the top of the aesthetics search list.

You’ll benefit from this inquiry that is especially high-volume whether you’re a little boutique or even a huge firm, and establish a content method to target it.

Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022
Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022

It’s possible that sage green isn’t your cup of tea.

If that’s the case, seek alternative search phrases that can pique your audience’s attention. This section of the Search Trends report divides searches into categories, such as:

news and events in the fields of culture, economy, entertainment, environment, health, and wellness


In 2022, more people looked for “how to maintain mental health” than ever before, and most sectors might use this to deliver mental health guidance and ideas to their customers.  For instance, I might reveal just how to keep your mental health as a remote marketer that is electronic simple tips to help your remote group hold theirs.

By matching your audience’s interests to a popular search query, you not only enhance the exposure of your material but also provide your current and potential audience with a new viewpoint on your sector.

2. Conduct a topic search Making Use of the Search Bar

Let’s say you’re interested in the search visibility of a specific query. In that instance, the Google Search Trends report can be used to see how popular a particular phrase is, as well as similar queries and terms.

For instance, we looked up “digital marketing.”

Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022
Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022

The paper not only emphasizes the term’s importance but also provides a wealth of information. We could create a content strategy based on our knowledge of what types of content will and will not resonate based on this single search.

I see terms like “take steps to address and career development in the “related subjects” section, which suggests that a list of digital marketing courses or training would be a good fit.

See what content ideas come up when you search for your company’s name and the primary key terms you want to target.

3. Make use of the Google Trends Report to get Gen topics being z-friendly.

Gen Z officially outnumbered millennials in 2019, accounting for 32.2 % of the populace that is global.

Lot more, therefore, Gen Z makes up nearly 40% of all clients within the United States.

Consider this: Gen Z makes up about one-third of the population this is certainly global. A big disservice if you don’t think of simple tips to communicate with this vast, tech-savvy population, you are doing all your brand name.

How can you ensure that your content resonates with this specific demographic after you’ve chosen topics that you know to resonate through your search bar exploration?

Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022
Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022

It’s really an easy concern to have a response that is easy.

Your data is more interactive and engaging.

Here’s how you can accomplish it by yourself:

Make your content much more interactive.

The greater possibilities your audience has got to communicate with your product, the more inclined they’re to do so.

You may urge people to take action by including interactive components. Consider integrating a poll, stickers, or slider the next time you’re creating content so that your audience can truly engage with your business.

Make Your Messages More Personal

Gen Z grew up in an era when customization was on the rise. They’ve become accustomed to it. To attract this coveted audience, make sure you take advantage of every customizing possibility.


FOMO, or fear of losing down, continues to be very much a thing. Use this anxiety to your advantage by including time-sensitive incentives in your content, driving your audience to act or risk missing out on a one-day-only deal.

Enhance the visual appeal of your content

It’s no secret that Gen Zers are drawn to bite-sized video services like Instagram and TikTok. Make the most of this inclination that is content drawing inspiration from viral movies which can be brief and visually striking.

4. Create content around subjects that you are interested in.

It’s always easier to write engaging material about issues that you care about. Keep an eye out for themes that resonate emotionally with both you and your business identity as you go through the Google Search Trends for 2022.

Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022
Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022

Start by checking up the most common search phrases for each of the primary topics I mentioned before. Let’s imagine you’re a coach who’s looking for new ideas for topics to cover.

Doom scrolling is the most popular topic in the culture department, according to a cursory scan at popular “culture” topics. By aligning it to the look and feel of your company.

As a coach, you could write on how to avoid dread scrolling, how it affects your job hunt, or establish a challenge to urge your followers to quit doom scrolling and improve their mental health (which, as you may recall, was another hot search word!).

Create a content plan to handle high-performing subjects when you’ve identified them. Can you apply these concepts to other aspects of your marketing, such as paid advertisements?

5. Discover New Niche

If you’re looking for a new niche, Google Search Trends can help you find areas that are rapidly growing and may have content shortages that you can cover.

Simply select your search duration to “2003 to present” to analyze long-term search growth for a specific topic.

Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022
Content Ideas from the Google Search Trends 2022

This might also allow you to determine whenever topics are certainly best in an offered 12 months, letting you schedule your content release around times whenever Google people have typically sought out particular terms.

Topics on “fly fishing,” for example, tend to surge in the summer when the weather is favorable. As you may expect, Black Friday marketing tips are most popular in late November.

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