How To Change Ad Account on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that keeps increasing its users. It is estimated that over 800 million people use Instagram every month. This number will only grow as it becomes more popular, which is why many companies use it for ads. But sometimes, you may want to change the ad account on Instagram after the last advertisement.

Most settings are now on Facebook since the same firm (Meta) owns the two platforms. The tool to control the advertisement, known as the Ads Manager, is one of these options. Instagram is one of the platforms you may select from that admin to create your adverts. Yet you can still change your preferred ad accounts on Instagram if you wish.

This article will show you how to change your Instagram account. You can manage and switch accounts while running an Instagram advert with that.

How To Change Ad Account on Instagram
How To Change Ad Account on Instagram

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Change Ad Account on Instagram

Some years before its ownership change, Instagram was a pole on its own. After the shift, the chronological pattern in which users see posts was part of the changes. The opinion was a strategic move by Facebook to boost its economy. This increased the idea of adverts since companies want to market to more users.

Also, with the formation of Meta, you can achieve all adverts processes on FB. Thou you can make Instagram ads from Facebook Ads Manager. But with Instagram for business, we can do it with clear advantages. Now we can select the post made to promote directly from IG and choose between the objectives.

But, what most people still find challenging to do is how you can change the ads account. So we have prepared this section to help you ease your challenges. The steps below are how you can change the ad account on Instagram.

Step #1: Set Your Account Type to Business

When you want to do anything on IG ads, setting your account type to business is one of the most important things. This gives you the liberty to run an advert directly from your Instagram app. You can also create a new ads account or switch between the existing ones. Once you change your IG account type to business, you’ll get the Business option on your settings page.

Follow the steps below to switch your personal account to a business account.

Log in to your IG personal account and tap on your profile avatar at the bottom right corner.

This takes you to your profile page, then tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of that page.

Tap on Settings and then click on the Account option.

You will see “Switch to a Business Account” when you scroll down, then tap on it.

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Step #2: Access Your Business Settings Page

The first step is only necessary if your account is a creator’s account. But you can jump to the second step if it is a business account. After you switch to a business account, access the settings page as we did earlier. You will now see the Business option on your settings page.

If you need help accessing the Business settings page:

Go to your profile page.

On your profile page, tap on the 3 horizontal lines and then click on Settings from the list of options.

On your settings page, you’ll see the Business option; tap on it to get to the Business settings page.

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Step #3: Access Your Ad Accounts

Once you get to the Business settings page, our interest in the list of options is the Ad payments at the top of the list. Click on the Ad payments, and you’ll see payment methods once you do that. Tap on the payment methods button, and you will see all the ads account you have created on that page.

Click on the Your Account button, and you can scroll through to change your ad account. Also, suppose you just created a new ad account on Facebook Business Manager. In that case, it will appear on the Your Account list. So once you tap on Your Account, click on the new preferred ad account, and the option will change.

Thus, you can easily change to the new account or the existing one. And you have changed your ad account on Instagram; That’s how easy it is!


You can see how clear it is to change your ad account on Instagram. The only tedious thing is creating a new ad account, which you have to do on Facebook. The new ad account will pop up on your Instagram Business settings page after setting it up with your Facebook Business Manager. This guide discusses the steps to get to that page so you can change it.