How to Search on Google

How to Search on Google
How to Search on Google

The most used search engine worldwide is Google. Here are some pointers to make your Google searches easier.

Go over to Google (But Which Googling?) as the first step.

If you are not in the United States, you may prefer to view the Google version specific to your country.

Google also provides “vertical” search engines, which allow you to search for specific types of material.

Step 2 – Use a toolbar for Google

By typing your search words into the search box located at the top of many of these computers, you can utilize Google more quickly. To load search results into your browser, hit return.

Internet Explorer may already use Microsoft’s Bing to replace Google when you type in your search term. More information:

Search & Internet Explorer 8

Google has its own Google Toolbar that is compatible with Internet Explorer (and Firefox). You can also access “cached” pages and share pages.

Google Chrome browser allows you to type your search directly in the same box that you enter web addresses.

Step 3: Type Your Search Terms

Search Google is easy. Just type the keywords that interest you into the Google search box.

Depending on the interface you’re utilizing, words can show up below the search window. Google refers to this as “Predictive text” or “Google Suggest.” Even if you have the option to disregard them, you can avoid typing if one is necessary.

Google will provide you with suggestions as well as actual search results.

This is Google Instant. You can read more about it in the article below:

Google Instant Search: A Complete User’s Guide

4. Evaluate your search queries

Numerous results will appear after your search. There could be news or image results as well. The pages below have more information about what is also referred to as Global Search.

Google Unified Search, version 2.0

2008 Edition of Google Unified Searching

OneBox results can be units that have been combined. Here’s an example: Los Angeles weather

Google offers a guide to help you with special searches like stock quotes, weather, and current time. 

A summary of search results after you have completed a search. Google provides a complete guide to all information on search results pages.

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Step 5: Review Your Answers

See if the results are right. These are Google Instant Previews.

The web page listings will be accompanied by a magnifying glass symbol:

This article describes how the feature works.

Launch of Google Quick early reviews

6. Customize your Quick google 

If you type a search word, Google cannot tell what you are looking for.

Google will return the most accurate results, but you can help it narrow down your search results.

Search for DVD players or video answers.

This article explains in detail the various options Google offers to improve your search results.

Special commands can also be used to enter search terms. Use quotes to surround search terms such as this:

“How do you search Google?”

The results will only display pages with these exact words in the order that they were found or any other relevant pages.

Google offers a guide to all special commands. 

Step 7: Congratulate Yourself!

Congratulations if this page was found through a Google Search! Google searches are very efficient. 

Google also offers help documents that explain how to search Google. These help documents can be found here.